is Ghana’s most popular career resource for students, graduates and young professionals.

YSC helps young professionals to reach their career potential by providing a variety of tools and resources that support and enhance their professional development,  including:

YSC YoungCatalysts: this is a section of YSC that is committed to celebrating the professional and entrepreneurial talents of young individuals in Ghana or of Ghanaian heritage. YSC YoungCatalysts is also meant to inspire other young individuals into achieving great heights like their counterparts who have been featured.

To be featured, you must:
    -  be 35 years of age and under as of December 31, 2017; 
    -  be a Ghanaian or a person of Ghanaian descent; 
    -  work in a senior management role in any size organization from the private, public or non-profit sectors OR be considered an exceptionally spectacular individual in the Arts (dance, drama, visual arts, music, literature) or athletics.

YSC reserves the right to make decisions regarding all requests to be featured and will only feature who are able to clearly demonstrate their leadership, talent, and entrepreneurship qualities.

YSC Voice: this is an online community of like-minded young Ghanaian entrepreneurs, change-makers, professionals, and volunteers in Ghana and beyond. The platform is designed to allow members to connect, or in better terms, to network, with others who are interested in similar things. It’s a way to learn from others as well as possibly be a stepping stone to landing dream careers!

YSC Seeker: this is a section that advertises job and volunteer opportunities for young processionals. Too often, companies seem to only be looking for candidates with years of experience and this attitude can be disheartening for young professionals who may not have as much experience but would still do a great job if given the opportunity. YSC only advertises jobs and opportunities that are geared towards young individuals so that they can get more experience and grow in their careers.

YSC Business: this is a portal on YSC that is targeted to businesses in Ghana who are looking for staffing solutions. Businesses can advertise their vacancies (for a small fee) to YSC users as well as other young Ghanaian job seekers on the internet.

YSC Non-Profit Portal: this is a section that is targeted to nonprofit organizations in Ghana. In addition to being able to advertise paid and unpaid opportunities for free, organizations in Ghana are also able to use the Volunteer Pool to find qualified individuals who are interested in unpaid work and volunteering.