Your Name: Ayisha Awudu Ali

What do you do?: I am a Founder/ Creative Director

What's the name of your company?: Shaaliwud

Where is your company?: Accra

How did you start your company/organization?: After my National service in 2015, I started Shaaliwud, firstly, because I did not get any job after my service and, secondly, because of my love for made-in-Ghana products and, thirdly, to also promote the textiles of from the North.

Tell us a bit more about your company/organization: Shaaliwud uses Northern textiles to make clothes and accessories for today's market including clutches, shirts, bow-ties, neckties, back packs, side bags (laptop bags), skirts, etc. Over the years, we've tried to make the Northern textiles simple, easy to wear and more attractive.

How did your education and previous experiences help you to become what you are today?: After my National service, I started Shaaliwud but saw the need to continue my education so I proceeded to the University of Ghana Business school where I studied MBA Finance. I felt that I should study Finance since it's one of the reasons start-ups collapse every day. It has helped me to manage Shaaliwud effectively.

Is there anything else you are working on at this time?: Yes, we also do some charity work for school children in the Northern part of Ghana every year. We provide them with exercise books, pens, and other stationery. Also, in August this year, I started a courier service called the Triple A Express Courier Services. Its just two months old but we're positive we'll succeed.

How do you define success?: Success is about more than making money. It is also being able to achieve a dream or make an idea a reality.

Who are your heroes and why?: My parents are my heroes. I was exposed to being in charge of a business at an early age because they were both self-employed. My mother made sure she sustained the business no matter the circumstances and she taught me that been self employed means you need to be 'hard' [strong/unflinching]. When there is a loss you need to handle it so your business does not collapse and when there is a gain don't be big headed about it.

If you had to start your career/company all over again, what would you do differently?: I would be serious about book keeping and financial literacy.

What are the top qualities you would require in someone who wants to work with/for you?: 1.Passion for the job
3.Willingness to learn

What advice would you give to students, young professionals and aspiring change makers/entrepreneurs?: I always say that if you want to be a successful business person or entrepreneur, you must have the passion for what you are doing because your passion will help you to achieve your dreams.

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