Your Name: Kojo Aidoo

What do you do?: I am a Founder/Administrator

What's the name of your organization?: Bartenders Guild Ghana

Where is your organization located?: Osu, Accra

How did you get started in your field?: It all started in 2013 when I was the Brand Manager for Snow Queen Vodka. During business visits to the various pubs, restaurants, hotels , bars and clubs, I became interested in the bartending profession which made me acquire bartending training and to later found Bartenders Guild Ghana as a way to help promote the profession.

Tell us a bit more about your organization: Bartenders Guild Ghana serves as a networking platform, which grooms, trains and mentors its members to be knowledgeable about best practices, professional ethics, key elements; beers, wines, spirits and cocktails in service delivery. We also help members secure employment and educate members on new and upcoming trends in the industry.

How did your education and previous experiences help you to become what you are today?: Being a graduate of Accra Polytechnic and GIMPA has been really instrumental in what I am now.

Is there anything else you are working on at this time?: I am currently managing the only private (members only) African club in Ghana. I am also working on cocktail TV show.

How do you define success?: I define success as being able to help train my members and securing them meaningful employment from the skills they have acquired.

If you had to start your organization over again, what would you do differently?: I would have started it earlier!

What are the top qualities you would require in someone who wants to work with/for you?: Dedication, trust, attention to detail and creativity.

What advice would you give to students, young professionals and aspiring changemakers/entrepreneurs?: Follow your dreams and start with the little you have.

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