Your Name: Maajoa Asabea Yeboah

What do you do?: I am the CEO/Creative Director of Asabea Ayisi and the Founder of One Girl One Skill Africa.

What's the name of your company?: Asabea Ayisi

Where is your company located?: Accra, Ghana

How did you start your company?: I started my business out of passion for fashion accessories even while studying to be an accountant to work in a bank like my father. My passion and talent for making DIY crafts drove me to learn everything about the fashion industry and pursue it. The Asabea Ayisi Brand started while I was still a student in the Polytechnic.

Tell us a bit more about your company: Asabea Ayisi produces fashion accessories including bags, purses, necklaces, capes, and slippers for both the local & international markets. The Asabea Ayisi brand also trains women professionally in the accessory-making craft. 

Asabea Ayisi was recently listed as part of the 2017 Ghana Start-Up Awards Club 100.

How did your education and previous experiences help you to become what you are today?: I believe my education had little to do with who I am today. I learned a lot by simply reading about my field of work.

Is there anything else you are working on at this time?: I am currently working on building a skills training centre to enable me to partner with other creative designers and train women in accessories and various employable employable skills.

If you had to start your career/company all over again, what would you do differently?: I wouldn't do it any differently. I am proud of all the brand has achieved in a short span of time.

What are the top qualities you would require in someone who wants to work with/for you?: I require individuals who are team players, loyal and very committed to their roles and duties.

What advice would you give to students, young professionals and aspiring change makers/entrepreneurs?: Be genuinely passionate about your work, to enable you execute it to perfection.

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