Your Name: Trudy Arnold

What do you do?: I am a CEO

What's the name of your company: Studio 7 Beauty Lounge

Where is your company located?: Spintex Road, Accra

How did you start your company?: After I completed my Master's degree at Imperial College, London, I moved back to Ghana because I knew this is where the real opportunities to make a difference were. The rebel in me knew straight away that I didn't want to work for any corporate organisation like I had earlier envisioned so I set out to explore my entrepreneurial side. I soon realised that the main project I started working on, which is in food processing, would take a while so I began to open myself up to other ideas while the other project was in R&D.

My sister and I had talked about starting a salon for years but we were both much younger then and still in High School. It was actually a passion of hers; hairstyling and the creative part came to her naturally. She always used to braid and style my hair even when we were in primary school. We revisited the idea of a salon and I remembered that I had visited a salon in Beverly Hills, California that made a lasting impression on me. I knew then that I had to recreate it in Accra. It was plush, it was regal, it was absolutely gorgeous and eye catching and the ambience screamed LUXURY! And that just what I did! What started out as just a nail salon gradually developed into a full service beauty salon with a luxurious feel to it. From the furnishing to the services, we make an impression you definitely will not forget! I've always been a connoisseur of fine things so the luxury part came natural to me. I'm a business woman who sees possibilities in the most obscure situations. I believe in innovation as being the turnkey in paradigm shifts across industries.

Tell us a bit more about your company: Studio 7 Beauty Lounge is a unisex grooming lounge adjacent the Action Chapel at Batsona on the Spintex Road. It's unique French style furnishing creates a regal atmosphere which buttresses the tag line, "Affordable Luxury". With the purpose to change the game in the beauty industry in Africa, the services provided are with a touch of luxury elements that relax the body and mind of every client that walks through our doors. The competitively priced services allow our clients to experience luxury services at affordable prices.

Whether it's a luxury pedicure or a fancy hair cut, both ladies and gentlemen are left with a feeling of satisfaction and money well spent at Studio 7 Beauty Lounge.

You can't come to us? That's OK because we offer home services too. We'll bring affordable luxury beauty and grooming services to your doorstep. Call us to book and we'll be at your service in the luxury of your own home!

How did your education and previous experiences help you to become what you are today?: I'm an entrepreneur at heart and I can't say I would have gotten this far without the solid foundation my education gave me. My Bachelor's Degree at the University of Ghana, Legon was a combined major in Psychology and Sociology. This background is invaluable to me because I liaise with potential clients on a daily basis. I understand the psychology of buying and other behavioural analysis of people in general and this helps me to manage my clients and their expectations. 

My Masters Degree at Imperial College, London in Business Management made me well rounded with the important tenets of business. It made me understand and know what to expect as an entrepreneur from the startup of a business to employee management, business strategies, international marketing, innovation management, accounting and finance and much more practical knowledge that I will forever be grateful for.

Is there anything else you are working on at this time?: Oh yes! I am very passionate about the youth and their aspirations and I do recognize the importance of education as a deciding factor in the direction of our future. This led me to officially set up the School for Success Scholarship Foundation to be able to level the playing field and make education available to as many young girls that have the drive to want to pursue theirs regardless of their personal circumstances. It's no secret that higher education is largely available to the more fortunate in society and this leaves the ones who actually are smart enough to get admission but cannot afford to pay for their education to drop out because of financial issues. I personally have helped some in their quest for higher education but there's only so much I can do alone. Let us all help to make someone's dream come true.

How do you define success?: When I think of success I see a comfort zone; where you're satisfied with your achievements and tend to relax. For me success isn't a point that you arrive at. It isn't the plateauing of accomplishments... it is continuous. Maybe I push myself too hard but when I accomplish a goal, I raise the bar even higher. I don't get complacent with my achievements. It's way too early for that if you ask me. I have too much energy and there's too much creative madness in me that is waiting to be put to good use for me to get comfortable.

If you had to start your career/company over again, what would you do differently?: Hmmm... Nothing! All that I did within my power, I would do again. I have absolutely no regrets. The learning curve is always steep but there have been no regrettable mistakes regarding my businesses yet. It only gets better the way I see it.

What are the top qualities you would require in someone who wants to work with/for you?: Respect, integrity, humility. These three are necessary to build any quality, lasting relationship. I believe all other good qualities are assimilated in these three.

What advice would you give to students, young professionals and aspiring changemakers/entrepreneurs?: James 1:2-4, and it says “Count it all joy when you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Many aspiring entrepreneurs today want to enjoy success but don't want to put in the work; they just don't have the patience to do the time. They need to be prepared to go through diverse challenges that will make them want to give up at every turn, but they need to see beyond that. Remind yourself why you embarked on your journey in the first place and keep your eyes on the prize. Hard work and perseverance always pays off in the end. Most importantly, PRAY! Thats the real key!

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